Day 7 Report

Today the team enjoyed their final buffet breakfast in therSuzhou hotel. Following that, they set off to Tong Li, an ancient water town, surrounded by canals. The team enjoyed a boat ride on a traditional wooden boat and a delicious banquet lunch.

After the peace and tranquility of the water town they caught a bus back to the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.
Last night, they went to the famous ERA circus, where they saw amazing acrobatics.

The team should be settling back into their plane seats for the long flight home.

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Unfortunately due to an unforeseen error the final video report by Sasha, Milana and Tyler, hasn’t worked. I will try to upload the video again once I am back in Australia.


Day 6 Report

Today Team China has visited our sister school Xingwan for the second time. They painted a silk fan using calligraphy brushes and ink.
Their second lesson was Kung Fu, where they learnt some simple techniques and then put their training into practice.
Our sister school has been very generous and kind to us.
This time for lunch they tried the famous Squirrel Fish dish. It was delicious. This afternoon they explored the gardens of Suzhou and then out for another delicious dinner.

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Video report from the team below.

Day 5 Report

Team China spent the morning at our sister school in Suzhou.
After some sight seeing at Tiger Hill a few stomachs rumbled and it was time for dinner with some of the sister school teachers and students who visited earlier in the year.

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A brief video report by Milana, Sasha and Tyler of the days activities is below.

Day 4 Report

Unfortunately due to some less than desirable weather Team China’s adventures where limited.

A fairly cruisey day was had by all.

Day 3 Report

Another exciting day has concluded for Team China.

From morning exercise and dance, to a city tour on the red bus and a scenic walk along the Bund. Finally finishing the day with a delicious feast of bullfrog for dinner. I wonder what Day 4 will bring?

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Below is a video report on Day 3 and a lighter side of the trip some relaxing dancing in the park.


Day 1 Report

Below is a brief video were Milana, Sasha and Tyler tell you about their exciting first day in China.

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It has been an exciting and busy day with the team now settling down to some well deserved dinner and rest after an action packed first day.

Well done team and can’t wait to hear about tomorrows adventures.